Climate Disaster: Buddhas to the Rescue

Commentary to A Mirror Making All Things Clear 2021

Signs & Reasoning 2021

Day Course - Signs & Reasoning - A Mirror making all things clear 2021

Nagarjuna & Buddhapalita 2021

Nagarjuna & Buddhapalita - An investigation of Arising, Lasting and Destruction 2020

Includes 8 online sessions and a Day Course

Teachings with Lamrim Wales Buddhist Centre

Includes teachings on Emptiness & Dependant Arising, An Introduction to Lam Rim and Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.

Teachings with Jamyang Leeds Buddhist Centre

Includes two day courses with teachings on the Four Seals.

Praise for Dependent Relativity

Chantable prayer written by Je Tsongkhapa. The full text can be downloaded here.

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